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With 10 colours, 3 new for 2014, we offer the widest range just for you so that your composite door adds value to your home. In addition we have 9 frame colours to complement the door slabs which you can mix and match using our online door designer.

Blue Color
Composite Door in Blue Color

White Color
Composite Door in White Color

Red Color
Composite Door in Red Color

Green Color
Composite Door in Green Color

Black Color
Composite Door in Black Color

Darkwood Color
Composite Door in Darkwood Color

Oak Color
Composite Door in Oak Color

Chartwell Color
Composite Door in Chartwell Color

Cream Color
Composite Door in Cream Color

Grey Color
Composite Door in Grey Color

Frame Colours

White Color
White Frame for Composite Door

Whitegrain Color
Whitegrain Frame for Composite Door

Mahogany Color
Mahogany Frame for Composite Door

Cherry-Wood Color
Cherry-Wood Frame for Composite Door

Oak Color
Oak Frame for Composite Door

Brown-Black Color
Brown-Black Frame for Composite Door

Chartwell Color
Chartwell Frame for Composite Door

Cream Color
Cream Frame for Composite Door

Grey Color
Grey Frame for Composite Door

Our composite door lock choice

No other company offers you the lock choice that we do composite doors direct. All our door locks are multipoint lock and our era lock comes with an unmatched £500 guarantee + a new door if you house is broken into through it. The era door lock also offers a 10year warranty 5 more years than most other multipoint composite door locks. Check out below our lock specifications to make sure that you get the correct lock for your home. Even homes that have no front garden and may be tested by criminals can now have our slam lock fitted so it’s always locked and if you upgrade to secure by design our doors stand up to the most rigorous security testing recommended by the police

Furniture suites

At composite doors direct we offer stainless hardware in a chrome finish and polished gold. All our hardware comes in a range of lever/lever and lever pad. Lever pad handles don’t operate without the key from the outside. Both are matched inside and out and have been tested to 50,000 cycles. Every detail of you composite door has been thought about with our letter plates opening to 180 degrees meaning that even the keenest paperboy with the fat Sunday papers are no bother.In addition the external flap is designed to give a full thermal seal and noise barrier.

Drip strips ,thresholds and add ons

We offer a wide range range of thresholds for your composite including a part m compliant wheel chair access, full frame or low frame. Don’t forget when ordering you door you also have a choice of door cills including the standard 150mm or for tighter positions the 85 mm stub cill. Both our cills are 30mm high and will be included in the finished manufacturing height. Our drainage automatically changes so that you don’t have to worry about it. Our add-ons come in three sizes 15mm, 25mm and 50mm again are included in the finished manufactured size.

Profile Choices

We offer a range of four outer frame profiles the main difference is the shape with liniar profile being sculptured. For maximum energy rating the door stop profile is always a winner but as always all our products are in stock and delivery is quick and responsive whatever your choice.

Backing glass by Pilkington's

Chantilly Glass Pattern
Digital Glass Pattern
Autumn Glass Pattern
Minister Glass Pattern

Everglade Glass Pattern
Mayflower Glass Pattern
Flemish Glass Pattern
Charcoal-Sticks Glass Pattern

Florielle Glass Pattern
Oak Glass Pattern
Contora Glass Pattern
Taffeta Glass Pattern

Pelerine Glass Pattern
Warwick Glass Pattern
Stippolyte Glass Pattern
Cotswold Glass Pattern


All our doors come with a patented re-glazable cassette. Meaning that if the glass is broken or you just want a change you quite easilyremove the internal cassette, swap the glass and put the cassette back on , Easy.


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