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How to measure a composite Door

For our doors all measurements are in millimetres (mm) There are 25.4 millimetres to one inch so

An door hole measuring width 2Ft 6inches =30 inches multiplied by 25.4mm = 762mm

Alway make sure that your tape is in good condition and the end is not bent giving an incorrect measurement.


All doors need to measured in three places top middle and bottom and the same for the height.


Print this page to help you ....

Top width
Middle width
Bottom width

Smallest width becomes the size you use minus 10mm for fit
Finished width after

You now repeat the exercise for the height

Left height

Middle height

Right height

Smallest height .............. mm becomes the size you use minus 10mm for fit

Finished height after deductions

Things to remember.

Look out for and remove render so you can see the edge of the current frame.
Check inside for heavy plaster lines that may hinder the opening of the door or may require knockon to be added

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